The Brazilian Geography Olympiad (OBG) is a scientific Olympiad for students in public and private schools in Brazil, from the 9th grade of elementary school to the 3rd year of high school.

The Organizing Committee of OBG – COOBG is being formed by a volunteer staff of teachers from several Brazilian institutions, as listed in the regulation.

The themes of interest of the Brazilian Geography Olympiad involve Geography and Geosciences.

The Olympiad participant students should demonstrate their capacity for analysis and interpretation of geographic phenomena in an integrated manner, breaking the physical geography x human geography dualism that must be expressed in the teaching and learning methodologies contained in the formation of these students.

Events of this nature are conspicuous by their competition, but the goal of the OBG scientific committee is to create a collaborative space and enjoy the event to the growth and dissemination of good teaching practices.

The Olympiad unfolds in two parts: a competitive exam and a cooperative exam, which will become object of interest of students and teachers, involving in its design issues such as sustainability and ethical use of natural resources, contributing to the creation of a just and participatory society. Participation in just one of the two parties is possible. The cooperative part does not generate scores and does not influence the competitive part of the classification.

OBG is an event organized by Campinas University (UNICAMP) and Sistema Ortogonal de Ensino.

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